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Discover original artwork for sale, custom art commissions and art workshops.

Explore the creative world of Carla Elizabeth, where you can find a diverse range of original artwork for sale, participate in art workshops, and commission custom art pieces. The collection includes contemporary art, abstract art, landscape paintings, and mixed media art, all designed to inspire and captivate.

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Meet Carla

Carla Elizabeth is an emerging UK artist with a passion for creating diverse and inspiring art. With a background in various artistic mediums, she embraces the diversity of her creative journey and invites you to be part of it. From hosting sold-out workshops to continuously exploring new ideas, Carla’s work reflects her dedication to the arts.

Latest Work

Browse our exclusive collection of original paintings and unique art pieces. Each artwork is created with passion and attention to detail, making them perfect for home decor and art collectors. From contemporary art to more abstract pieces, there’s something for everyone.

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