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Artwork Commissions

Looking for a personalised piece of art? Carla Elizabeth specialises in custom art commissions, bringing your vision to life with bespoke artwork tailored to your preferences. Whether you need a special piece for your home or a unique gift, we can create something truly memorable.

Carla offers two types of bespoke artwork commissions - seascape artwork and pet portrait commissions! She started her artwork business by painting beloved pets and although it is no longer her main focus, she loves to mix it up and is always happy to take a pet portrait commission. Find out more below.


Seascape Artwork

Commissioning a one-of-a-kind piece of art is a truly extraordinary and deeply personal gift, whether it's for yourself, a cherished friend, or a beloved family member. Is there a coastal scene, a majestic seascape, or tranquil beach setting that holds a special place in your heart, or perhaps a memory-rich vacation spot that you'd love to immortalise in art?

Carla can bring your vision to life by turning your treasured photos into a distinctive piece of artwork. Whether you prefer the rich textures of oil paints or the soft, pastel hues, I can tailor the medium to match your desires and create a truly personalised masterpiece.

Imagine gifting a stunning, handcrafted artwork that captures the essence of those cherished moments. It's a piece of art that not only decorates your living space but also tells a story, stirs emotions, and rekindles fond memories every time you or your loved one gazes upon it.

Embark on this creative journey together, where you will work closely with Carla to ensure that the final result uniquely represents the scenes and experiences you hold dear. Your custom artwork will be a conversation piece, a beautiful addition to your home, and a constant reminder of the beauty of the sea. Get in touch, and let's turn your dreams into a stunning reality.

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Bespoke Pet Portraits

Carla has been creating pet and animal portraits in pastels since March 2022. Since becoming a dog mum, she has been fascinated by the close connection you can have with an animal, and it is something that she considers to be very special and should be celebrated.


Commissioning a pet portrait is a great way to honour and remember a beloved furry friend. You will have a lasting reminder of their unique personality and charm with a custom-made portrait created in pastel pencil. You can rest assured knowing that you are getting artwork that has been made specifically to your instructions and specifications.


This unique piece of art will provide many years of enjoyment and will become a cherished family heirloom.

Pet Portrait Gallery

Here is a snapshot of some of my latest commissions

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IMG_8499 2.HEIC
IMG_9403 3.HEIC
IMG_7606 2.HEIC


How much does a portrait cost?

Please contact me for the latest version of my price list. Any size or orientation is possible, so you are always welcome to get in touch to discuss your vision, and I will be able to send you an accurate quote.


Do I have to pay a deposit?

I charge an initial deposit of £75 to cover my expenses. Payment is via a Stripe link that I will send you once you have decided you would like to go ahead. The balance is due once you sign off a photo proof of your artwork and before delivery.

How long will it take?

Please keep an eye on social media to find out my lead times. I suggest you plan in advance if you want to commission a portrait for a particular occasion such as Christmas or a Birthday, my order book is usually fairly busy.

What happens once I place an order?

Once I receive your order and we have discussed your requirements, I will send you an invoice for the deposit and ask you to send me the photos I need to start your portrait. I will send you a layout plan so you can make sure you are happy, and I can send you further updates during my process if you would like me to. The finished portrait will be photographed and sent to you for approval, you will be able to make tweaks at this stage but no major layout changes. Once you are happy, I will arrange framing if required and delivery.

Do you deliver?

If you are based in East Suffolk I will try to hand deliver your portrait, but I can ship anywhere for an additional cost to cover trackable postage and packaging. All portraits are securely packaged to ensure the pastels don't smudge. I do not use a fixing spray as this tends to change the colours.

Who own's the copyright?

I retain ownership of the copyright and reserve the right to use your portrait to market my business. You are not permitted to make further products from your portrait without permission from me. I will always seek your approval if I decide to make products from your portrait to sell commercially.

Tips for Photographing Your Pet

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I work from photos to create my portraits, the results relies on having a good reference photo to work from. Here are my tips for getting the perfect shot.

1. Find an uncluttered area with good lighting. You want your pet to stand out in the photo, so make sure they are the main focus. Natural light is best, but avoid harsh direct sunlight that could wash them out or create unwanted shadows.

2. Get your pet to sit still or lay down so that their head and face are well positioned for the photo. Ask someone to help if you need it, even just holding treats near the camera may help keep their attention on where it needs to be! It is great if you can capture the glint in their eye.


3. Try different angles – one from the side may work better than one from directly above and don’t forget about close-ups – remember it’s important for me to capture details such as facial expressions and markings, so snap away until you have something that works.


4. Lastly, relax and have fun with it! Dogs in-particular, love being part of a game so take lots of shots – you can pick your favourite when reviewing them later, or send a few over to me and I will choose my favourite.

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