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January's Artful Adventures

It has been a busy start to the year as I have been creating for my forthcoming solo exhibition at the Crafthouse in Woodbridge.


It isn’t until the middle of March, but I have sold quite a few of my pieces, so I desperately needed some new work to exhibit.


I have also found a renewed love of oil painting and working bigger… so our conservatory has been transformed into a studio and is currently filled with canvases of varying sizes. I love the bright airy space I have adopted. The comfy chairs are great for reviewing my progress or for the dog to sit and watch me work. I obviously have to keep mess to a minimum, but we have some good sturdy dustsheets, and I haven’t adopted any paint splattering techniques or purchased any spray paint yet!


When I’m not in the studio or working (yes, still doing Graphic Design work too), I am enjoying my time spent visiting the stunning Suffolk coastline. It is always a treat, and there are a vast array of places to go… we had a lovely morning at Shingle Street at the weekend where we walked the shell line (visit my Instagram page if you are intrigued to know more).


January seems to be flying by! I opted to go alcohol and meat-free and thought it was going to be a real drag… but working on my artwork and making plans for the year has helped it be quite a fun and exciting month.


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