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Navigating a Turbulent Year

This year began with so much promise. It felt like I was really starting to make waves in the art world, and I was excited to keep the momentum going. My art workshops were a huge success, giving me a massive confidence boost. Holding my first art exhibition was incredible, a dream come true—I felt like I was flying.

Then, at the end of March, my Mum was diagnosed with cancer, and my world was turned upside down. Every day became unpredictable, filled with new challenges. Naturally, my work and art had to take a back seat.

Three weeks later, she passed away. It happened so quickly; we were hardly over the diagnosis before we were talking to funeral directors and choosing coffins.

Somehow, it’s now the middle of June, just a few days away from my birthday, and I feel like my feet are finally starting to land again. Everything feels different, but my longing to continue my art journey is stronger than ever.

I’ve started painting new original artwork, which I hope to release in July. It’s a slightly different direction—much more colourful and joyful. It would be too easy to grieve with dark, moody seascapes, but that’s not how I want to remember Mum. I want to hold on to those loving, colourful, joyful times and celebrate the beautiful flowers and countryside she loved so much.

I have four art workshops planned for the summer. I know many people are on holiday or busy, so these probably won’t sell out, but I’m excited to share the joy of painting and the happiness that comes from being creative with the small groups that do come along.

More than anything, I’m hoping for a slightly calmer few months. It won’t be easy, as there is still so much to sort out, but I know Mum is with me in my heart and will give me the strength to get through.


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